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FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Motor Mini Motor

FA-GM6-3V-25 Micro Motor Mini Motor

Firgelli Automations



This Electric micro motor is only 6mm dia for better use of space allocation. 

Voltage: 3vdc
RPM: 1200
Torque at stall: (0.02 kg-cm)
Current: 100mA
Length: 20 mm
Diameter: 6mm
Weight: only 1.2 grams!

Looking for a tiny gear motor? Only from Firgelli comes the GM6 Planetary Gear Motor with a straight shaft that you can actually use, smaller than many pager motors! The output shaft is 1.5mm dia with a flat on the side.

We're quite excited about these motors; they're quality made, inexpensive, and tiny! We expect to see lots of nano-sumo robots built out of these mini micro motors

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