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We are passionate about helping companies and individuals meet or exceed their goals. Throughout the years we have collected hundreds of endorsements from satisfied clients. Below are some recent people who have taken the time to write us with either comments, or offering a testimonial for this page specifically. Firgelli Automations as a whole looks forward to putting your company and name on this page!  


'I have been very pleased with the mechanical action of the actuators.  They seem to have little or no backlash, which seems to be attributable to their plastic worm gear on metal worm, plastic nut on the screw, and good overall design and construction.  We've been able to reliably run them at very low voltages (~2V) and still get good, smooth motion.' - Scott, NASA Research Center

'Zero issues with your parts and pieces, well documented on the remote instructions.' - Gary, DIY Dog Door Project

'Fantastic customer service. From start to finish I had all the information and assistance I needed to build my custom automated display. Thank you Firgelli Automations!' - David, David Tablets Inc.

'Prompt service, and the tech support rep I dealt with went over and above the call of duty. I have installed six of their pop up TV lifts now with no issues, my first time installing a drop down TV lift I completely jumbled the wires thinking I would do a custom set up with a receiver. Needless to say I made mess and he provided me with wiring diagrams and walked me through the whole process of getting everything working. The drop down TV lift they sell is very simple, plug and play right out of the box, and I later found out that I didn't even have to splice all the wires to get the result I needed. Thank you Firgelli Automations for making my work a LOT easier!' - Ben Wisely, Enviro-Automations LLC

'Without Firgelli Automations, our home theatre project would have gone way over budget. Thanks to their helpful technical support line, I was able to do all the work myself without needing to hire extra help. Not only did we get the whole project done for much less than we had budgeted, but we haven't had any maintenance or issues for over a year now with near daily use. We have a completely hidden home theatre system in our basement, even our Bose surround system is hidden and drops out of the ceiling when in use. We would absolutely recommend Firgelli Automations linear actuators and TV lifts to anyone looking to do any sort of home automation.' - Frank C, DIY Hidden Theatre