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Industrial Heavy Duty Actuators

Industrial Heavy Duty Actuators

Firgelli Automations

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These Industrial Actuators are made from High strength Metals and Durable materials.  Custom order available in 36V as well as Potentiometer feedback or Hall Sensor. These Actuators offer 10,000N (2,200lbs force) so they are capable of some serious lifting.  Looking for a 3D model of this actuator ? give us a call we will be happy to email it to you

For custom orders, please email your request to 

These Heavy Duty Industrial Linear Actuators are for doing major lifting as they can push up to 2,200lbs force. Made from tough hardened steel these units are ideal for Industrial applications. The Firgelli Heavy duty linear actuator is one of the most rugged actuators you can find on the market today.  It incorporates all the experience Firgelli has gained from making linear actuators for many other industries. The Heavy duty units are built to perform in harsh environments and materials, such as fertilizers, mud, sand, high pressure water, slush, salt water, snow, heat or heavy vibrations - and requires little or no maintenance and service.  These offer both high durability and high performance delivering high speed, and great ef­ficiency, with unparalleled accuracy from a compact envelope.  We are happy to design a custom version to match your exact specifications, and we can offer different strokes, voltages and feedback options too.

  • IP 66 rating
  • voltage: 12v (24v and 36v options for custom orders)
  • No-load speed 13mm/sec
  • No-load max Amp 4.5A
  • Full load speed: 4.5mm/sec
  • Full load max Amp: 20A
  • Load: 10,000N (2,200lbs)
  • Clevic hole dia: 13mm (1/2") both ends
  • Wire length: 600mm
  • Connector: none
  • Limit switches: built in at either end, not movable
  • Potentiometer: optional
  • Duty cycle 10% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load
  • Maintenance required: none (sealed unit)

Industrial Linear Actuator

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