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Manual Swivel for TV Lifts or Wall Mounting

Manual Swivel for TV Lifts or Wall Mounting

Firgelli Automations

$80.00 $139.99


The Manual TV Lift Swivel was designed for people who have living spaces which require a TV entertainment system which can support multiple viewing angles. This particular product is a manual swiveling universal bracket which will fit most TV's up to approximately 70". This bracket is easy to install, and takes up a minimal amount of space; sleek looking and coated in versatile black paint which can stand up to outdoor conditions, this swivel is sure to impress.

Both the manual and the remote swivels can be attached to all Firgelli Automations TV lifts for your convenience. 


  • Steel plate, BLACK coated tv bracket
  • Typical TV sizes up to 60" (depending on mounting holes on the back of the TV)
  • Max hole distance (between centers in the X direction for TV mounting) 17"
  • TV Bracket Will carry loads of up to 80lbs
  • Wall mounted ready
  • TV Lift mounting ready
  • Drop Down TV Lift ready
  • Adds 8" Depth to TV
  • Manual TV Bracket tilt up and down +/- 15 degs as the safety standard

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