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High Speed Linear Actuators

High Speed Linear Actuators

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These High Speed Linear Actuators offer fast speeds in many stroke options.

To adapt to the changing landscape of modern industry, the High Speed Actuator line was developed. Moving at a staggering 9 inches per second under no load, and 4.5 inches per second  when at full capacity, this line of linear actuators are ready to serve any high speed application with ease. There is one variation of High Speed Actuator which we offer, which has a dynamic force of 22 lbs and a static force of 44 lbs. Featuring factory built-in limit switches, an aluminum casing to shed weight, and first rate internal materials to keep noise and vibration as low as possible. All this bundles together to serve up quiet, smooth, and reliable operation. As with all of our actuators, this line up comes with clevis mounting points on either end for simple and quick installment with the use of the MB8 Mounting Bracket.

Model FA-RA-22-12-XX
Dynamic Force 22 lb
Static Force 44 lb
Speed ("/S) 4.5" (9" at no load)
Current 5A Max
Duty Cycle 20% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load ,absolute max. 5 min continous use.
IP Rating 54
Input 12v DC
Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
Limit Switch Built-in (factory preset)
Safety Certifications CE, ROHS
Bracket(s) MB8


Stroke Retracted Length Extended Length Weight
2" 11.5" 13.5" 3.5 lbs
4" 13.5" 17.5" 3.75 lbs
6" 15.5" 21.5" 4 lbs
8" 17.5" 25.5" 4.25 lbs
10" 19.5" 29.5" 4.6 lbs
12" 21.5" 33.5" 4.8 lbs
18" 27.5" 45.5" 6.0 lbs
24" 33.25" 61.25" 6.75 lbs
28" 37.25" 65.25" 7.25 lbs
32" 41.25" 69.25" 7.75 lbs

High Speed Linear Actuator Dimensions

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