FA-TVL-170 Series - Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

FA-TVL-170 Series - Rear Mount Pop-Up TV Lift

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      Our Pop up TV Lifts are suitable for home automation projects were you would like to keep your TV hidden out of sight, either in a cabinet, or wall or behind something. These are very easy to install and include everything you need to attach your TV.

      Over the years, clients have looked to Firgelli Automations for quality products in which they can trust their expensive A/V equipment to. The Pop-Up TV lift is the culmination of countless nights spent testing and designing a unit which will seamlessly integrate into television automation solutions in a wide variety of applications. The Firgelli Pop-Up lift can be found on yachts, RV’s, modern kitchens, patio’s, stages, home theaters, and more all across the globe.

      The desire of our engineering department was to create something that would be quiet enough to use at all hours of the day, whether in a  professional environment or at home, and could fit in the tightest of places for the ease of installation and operation. Due to this meticulous attention to detail, the Pop-Up lift typically takes fifteen minutes to install, and will operate at a whisper of 5 decibels above ambient sound levels; more technically inclined clients of ours enjoy building enclosures and works of art which incorporate the lift to showcase their televisions. Our most loyal clients can be found posting their creations in many online videos as well as on blogs or how-to’s.

      At Firgelli, we are well aware that not everyone has practiced their skills in carpentry, or electrical engineering. For this very reason we ensure that our products, especially our lifts, are user friendly and are as simple in operation/installation as possible. Easy to follow instruction manuals are included with all of our lifts, and provide all the information that you require from un-boxing to installation, and we include all the dimensions required to design custom fit enclosures.

      Firgelli Pop-Up lifts are rear mounted, with vibration absorbing legs which sit on the ground to remove reverberation, however a floor mounted bracket is also offered and can be used for convenience.

      All of our TV lift apparatus’ come backed by our 12 month comprehensive warranty. 

      Model Retracted Length Stroke Max Load  Speed  Recommended TV Size
      FA-TVL-170-24-36 31.30" 35.98" 135 lbs. 20mm/s 50" - 70"
      FA-TVL-170-24-30 26.97" 30.71" 135 lbs. 20mm/s 40" - 55"
      FA-TVL-170-24-25 22.44" 25.60" 135 lbs. 20mm/s 32" - 43"
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      FA-TVL-170-24-25 Tech Drawing

      FA-TVL-170-24-30 Tech Drawing

      FA-TVL-170-24-36 Tech Drawing