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MB11 TV Lift Bracket

MB11 TV Lift Bracket


$19.99 $180.00


This stand alone TV Lift Bracket is designed to work with our FA-TVL-170-24-25 ONLY.

The bracket is designed to be screwed to the floor or base of a cabinet and the TV Lift is mounted to this bracket.

*We are discontinuing the MB11



The MB11 bracket was introduced to our line-up of products for those who wish to mount their Pop-Up TV lifts to the floor rather that to the back of their cabinet or enclosure. This provides some added benefit in terms of flexibility as well as versatility. The enclosure or application that the unit is used in can thus be less supportive and not need as much structural integrity, providing ease of cosntruction and more time enjoying the hidden TV system. Another benefit users find when using the MB11 mounting bracket is that they can easily change the overall height of the TV Lift as a result of elongated holes which allow for vertical movement after loosening four bolts. This Bracket is to be used only with our FA-TVL TV Lift mechanisms.

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