Motorized Swivel for TV Lifts or Wall Mounting

      Motorized Swivel for TV Lifts or Wall Mounting

      Model #FA-EWM-17

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      This Electronic Swivel mount allows your to rotate your TV via remote control. This Mount also fits on our Pop up TV Lift mechanism so you can pop up your TV from a cabinet and then rotate the TV.

      This Electronic Remote Control Swivel TV Bracket is designed to use either on our Pop up TV lifts or wall mount this TV Bracket. You can control this product via the included remote control rotate the TV up to +/-15degs for safety (or +/-60degs with modification) in either direction for better viewing. For a greater angle please email our tech line to get instructions on how to override the safety limit to allow angles of up to +/- 60 degs.

      If using this with a Firgelli Auto TV lift, then simply mount this TV Bracket to the TV Lift following the instructions included or in this PDF link below.


      • Steel plate, BLACK coated TV bracket
      • Typical TV sizes up to 60" (depending on mounting holes on the back of the TV)
      • Max hole distance (between centers in the X direction for TV mounting) 17"
      • TV Bracket Will carry loads of up to 55 lbs
      • Wall mounted ready
      • TV Lift mounting ready
      • Adds 8" Depth to TV
      • Manual TV Bracket tilt up and down +/- 15 degs as the safety standard
      • Rotation over-ride call our tech people to get instructions to over-ride the safety limit