FA-SGR-35 Series - Heavy Duty Linear Bearing Slide Rails

      FA-SGR-35 Series - Heavy Duty Linear Bearing Slide Rails

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      Heavy Duty Linear Bearings are for material handling and other related linear motion applications. Choose your rail length or cut these rails down to the desired length you require

      Firgelli Automations Linear Bearing Slide Rails provide accurate, stable, and smooth linear guidance under a wide range of speeds, loads, conditions and space requirements. Our Heavy Duty Linear Slide Rails are available in multiple size rail lengths and each come with a Linear Bearing slider block. All of the linear slide blocks use a universal profile guide rail and both sides of the guide rail are ground as datum references. Our Linear Bearings are in stock, and come in rail lengths of 10" so you can add multiple rails or cut them down to get the rail length you need.

      If you need rail lengths shorter you can simply cut them down using a metal saw, if you need longer rails you can simply add extra rails together or get us to quote you for custom lengths

      Each linear bearing comes with the bearing guide rail length you need in the options above and one guide rail carriage. The tension on each carriage is adjustable to make each rail sliding ability and loose or as tight as you prefer.


      The Firgelli Automations Linear Slides offer compact and unique features to help you easily integrate into your motion system.

      • Rail includes (1) Sliding Bearing Block
      • Standard length blocks and different rail lengths for added foot print and increased capacities
      • 750 lbs maximum compression load
      • 550 lbs maximum tension load
      • Temperature range -20 ~ 60℃ 
      • Carbon steel rails as well and carbon steel bearings
      • Tapped mounting holes on the Block
      • Frequent through holes for rail mounting.
      • Very affordable and versatile, ideal for many applications from Home Automation to Industrial Automation
      • Not recommended for outdoor applications
      • Max Torque X, Y, Z directions: 1320 lb-inch
      • Weight 4.57 lbs. per foot
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