Heavy Duty Track Actuators

      Heavy Duty Track Actuators

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      These actuators have a sliding carriage that travels up and down the main body. Brackets allow items to be attached to this carriage. All Heavy Duty Track Actuator units come with a power supply, and wired controller for your convenience.

      The track actuators offered by Firgelli Automations were developed to fill an essential gap in the linear actuator market. Some applications require an actuator with a very small closed length while maintaining a long stroke; Conventional Rod-style actuators cannot be used in this situation since they requre a long casing to house the shaft when retracted. Track Actuators feature a block which slides along the length of the unit, offering application flexibility. Mounting is possible on three sides of the moving block, and Firgelli Automations offers MB5 Mounting Brackets to assist with attachments. As with all the linear actuators that Firgelli Automations offers, the Heavy-Duty Track Actuator lineup features factory preset internal limit switches, high grade materials providing first rate build quality, smooth and quiet operation at just 5db over ambient noise levels, and versatile mounting options on both ends: a clevis mount and a bracket which rotates on 90 degree intervals allow you to mount the actuator as you please. 

      The Heavy-Duty Track Actuator line has two variations, a 200 lb force unit and a 400 lb force unit. Both come as plug 'n' play systems with a wired remote, a power adapter, a control box, and the actuator itself. The power adapter is compatible with North American wall outlets. For even more flexibility in control check out the Wireless Remote for Track Actuators  which allows you to control the Heavy-Duty Track actuator with a wireless remote.

      Model FA-200-TR-24-XX FA-450-TR-24-XX
      Dynamic Force 200 lb 440 lb
      Static Force 175 lb 350 lb 
      Speed ("/S) 0.6" (1.56" no load) .15" (.4" no load)
      Duty Cycle 20% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load, 2 mins on/10min off
      IP Rating 43
      Input 24v DC
      Main Tube Aluminum Alloy
      Current 3 amps full load
      Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
      Limit Switch Built-in (factory preset)
      Safety Certifications CE, ROHS
      Bracket(s) MB5
      Wireless Control   FA-TR-RF
      Stroke Hole to Hole Weight
      10" 18.5" 10.4 lbs
      20" 28.5" 12 lbs
      30" 38.5" 14 lbs
      40" 48.5" 16.8 lbs
      50" 58.5" 19 lbs
      60" 68.5" 21.4 lbs
      Technical Drawings 

      Wiring Diagram