Mini Track Linear Actuators

      Mini Track Linear Actuators

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      Mini Track linear actuators have been developed by us for applications where space is limited. These actuators have no rod that slide sin and out instead they have a slider that slides up and down the main body of the Actuator. This means they are more compact and offer more flexibility with your Automation projects.

      Due to the popularity of the Heavy-Duty Track Linear Actuator line, the Mini Track Actuator line was developed, tested, and put to production. Once the missing link in the Firgelli Automations product catalog, the mini track linear actuators have hit the industry by storm, and have been providing superior service in a variety of different markets including home theater, automotive, aerospace, agriculture industry and more. The need for compact, low closed length linear actuators had never before been analysed by a manufacturer, and the potential applications began stacking up. The Mini Track Actuators offered by Firgelli Automations come in one variation with various stroke lengths, and certainly come with all the standard features clients have come to expect in our products including but not limited to: factory preset internal limit switches, first rate materials providing smooth linear motion, an easy to connect two-wire design, as well as full certification with CE and RoHs. All units come with clevis type mounting points on both ends, which are compatible with the MB1 Mounting Bracket as well as a sliding block which uses the MB9 Mounting Brackets for added flexibility and installation ease.

      Patent Pending

      Model FA-35-TR-12-XX
      Dynamic Force 35 lb
      Static Force 70 lb
      Speed ("/S) 2"
      Duty Cycle 20% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load
      IP Rating 43
      Max Draw 5A
      Input 12v DC
      Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
      Limit Switch Built-in (factory preset)
      Safety Certifications CE, ROHS
      Bracket(s) MB1 and MB9
      Stroke Hole to Hole Weight
      5" 10" 2.1 lbs
      10" 15" 2.6 lbs
      15" 20" 2.8 lbs
      20" 25" 3.3 lbs
      25" 30" 4.0 lbs
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